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Tennis is a sport that can now be played year round thanks to the indoor courts at a number of facilities throughout Sheffield including Talbot and Newfield. The indoor version of the game is fast paced with the ball skidding through onto the racket from the smooth surface of the indoor courts. There are also a number of tennis court facilities located throughout the city and tennis grows in popularity in the UK around the time of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships where it is not unusual to see the number of people playing tennis at that time swell.

Tennis is a great sport for playing with friends and for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Health benefits

Tennis is a great way to get fit and stay healthy. Tennis is a whole body workout, using your lower body for running, stopping and starting and jumping and crouching. It is also great for the upper body as whether you play one handed or two handed shots, your upper body is getting a great workout so your core strength is crucial. Tennis is a great calorie burner as you cover a lot of ground across the court. It is also a great sport for helping your hand eye coordination and your balance.  The stop start nature of tennis is good for you – the breaks allow your body to recover so playing tennis replicates an interval session.

Did you know?

  • Yellow tennis balls were used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1986. Prior to that they were white.
  • The fastest server in the women's tennis was done by Venus Williams who recorded a serve of 205 km/h.
  • Every year, 24 tons of Kent strawberries are ordered for the Championships at Wimbledon.

You can find Tennis facilities at any of these local facilities: